Here begins the tale of how a little girl inspired us to save tiny green things. Though fairy tales will always be our favourite ones to learn from, this too is quite an inspiration. We call it an eco-tale.

Once upon a time, there was a land so majestic it was called Mori. The land had inherited the most magnificent forest, full of green things called trees. They were exquisite and tightly- knit, the foliage was a bright hue of colours. In this leafy paradise, lived a little girl, spirited and adventurous who loved the forest like her family. Just like all the other children, she couldn’t think of anything but to be amongst them. Everyone adored the trees; for, after all, they were a home to all, big and small. But of all the other trees, there was a particular Cedar tree, fondly known as The Big Tree, which was her beloved.

The Big Tree was of high stature, his height raised above all the trees, his generous bough shielded all from the blazing sun, his trunk was a castle, his spirit and essence strengthened the vitality of the forest. He was not only a provider of purity and prosperity but also of abundant kindness.

As the little girl grew, so did her love for the The Big Tree. Years passed by, but all was not well in the land of Mori. The new king and his ministers had caused havoc in the name of progress. The forest was doomed. The woody wonderland that she once knew stood there lifeless. But she had made a promise to her beloved Big Tree. She wasn’t going to let the King win. So she set upon her quest to save her land and took one last look at what was left of the forest and recalled the parting words of her Big Tree “Promise me, my dear, you will create a safe and healthy environment for the children, not only will you take care of their food but also the clothes they wear. Promise me that you will spread my love just as green and pure as it always was. I trust you with this, for you are the guardian of this land, my Moriko, my child of the forest.” That was the genesis of Moriko Organic. Clothing that is 100% organic, free from toxic chemicals and dyes, and safe for children. Clothing that is as pure as nature meant it to be. Though, it may be just the beginning of our quest, we’d love to spread the green love that the children seek.

As for the eco-tale, it could well be your bedtime story. For, there is a MORIKO in each of us that wants to connect with our roots.